Why are you called Designer’s Edge Ink?

For years I’ve used Designer’s Edge because in my opinion all authors are designers who use nothing to create a garment of life’s fabric for their characters that you grow to love. We are artists and our medium is words.

If I sign up for the Designer’s Edge Ink author newsletter Ink Rhythms how much does it cost?

Nothing. It’s free.

What makes you an expert?

Nothing. As I stated on home page. Nope. In no way an expert. I’m just sharing what I know and what works for me. You can use what I say and adapt it to suit your needs. No direct copying of information.

Is there things on site that cost anything?

There is a lot of stuff  that doesn’t cost anything on site. If there is anything that has a price for it it’ll be noted. For some workshops/courses there will be a fee.

The below are things there is a cost.

Designer’s Edge Ink Blueprint ~ Coaching

Designer’s Edge Ink Blueprint ~ Course