Lesson Learned ~ Change of Plans

This is an Lesson Learned. I’ve posted to the fb page, other social media as well as here on the blog. This is a repost.

Lesson Learned ~ Change of Plans

By: Scribes Unleashed

No Expert or Guru Statement

There was this plan you see and (insert problem that sent the plan askew) derailed it. Damn it.

Yeah that is a scenario many of us face. Sometimes it seems like it’ll be something we cannot get past until you have that light bulb moment. Ahhh…that light bulb moment is a wonderful thing. I want to kiss it, stroke it and call it mine. wink That light bulb moment came to me and with it I adapted my plans.

Yes it changed stuff but it was ok, it needed to happen so I went with it. And you know what the change in plans worked. So the world didn’t stop and life went on. We get so caught up on what is the plan we don’t think of a back up to the plan or how we could change it. Yes I know change is hard but it is also good when needed. So do that swivel when needed and the outcome of it might surprise you.

I’m gonna end with the same statement I made and continue to make – do what is right for you.

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