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Tips/Tools & More are things I think can assist you in your business. When people consider various things for their business they often look to buy something (I will also have things like that I will include) but there are other items that are also valuable.  🙂 This is about all types of tips, tools & more you use for your business. 😉 

Tips/Tools & More ~ AppSumo

By: Scribes Unleashed

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Have you heard of AppSumo?

This site has deals that has many types of tools that can help your Author business. Many are at a reduced price and lifetime access. Range of deals are varied. Here is an idea of some of deals I’ve heard of or taken part in:

Deposit Photo – stock images. This one is really popular.
Promo Republic – social media scheduling
Canva – design tool
Scrivener – writing tool
Classes- they have various trainings from various people.

The deals have a deadline you can buy it and they have various deals at different times. I suggest you sign up for their newsletter. They send it with deals they have. You pick and choose. There can be months I don’t see anything in newsletter that is useful to me then I find something and save tons of money so win win. 🙂 Or sometimes something for free comes up and is useful.

Price: Free or various price ranges.


***This isn’t an affiliate link.***

I’ve used AppSumo for various deals and found many useful tools there. 🙂

If you know of this tool share your thoughts below on it. Share.

And I’ll say as I usually do.

Don’t get overwhelmed start with one thing and work your way from there. As I have said before this is A Marathon and Not A Sprint. This pertains to everything no matter if its writing or all the things you do for your author business as well as in life. Things take time to do and build. Do one thing at a time then go from there.

Now go out there and kick butt getting stuff done.

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Happy Writing!

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PS – Tips/Tools & More – various things I think can assist you in your business. This is about all types of tips, tools & more you use for your business.

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