Ink Rhythms Dynamics ~ Goal Digger – Part 1

Goal Digger – Part 1

Real Title: Show me this myth of the Goal Digger stuff you speak of

By: Scribes Unleashed

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What’s Ink Rhythms Dynamics?

This will be a multi-part series that will give you actionable steps to set your goals and work from there. There is a process to this that I used for myself so be patient see it through. This has been also posted to Ink Rhythms and here on site.  🙂 Only this part will be posted here.  The rest will be posted in Ink Rhythms.

First let me breakdown the nifty graphic I have with this. And you probably saying why the heck is she talking about her graphic when I want those steps for that goal digger stuff. 🙂 Yeah the graphic is part of it. This is your Goal Digger Blueprint. This is what you will use to make those goals and continue to adapt them as needed. So here we go with the graphic.

The largest part of image says:



Sounds so easy right. Wrong it is the hardest most thankless thing you can ever do. Many times loving what you do make you your most vulnerable. And it sucks so hard that all the blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights doesn’t net you accolades, recognition or a whole boat load of money so you can do what you love full time. That even if you have all of above that little part in you still thinks it is not enough.

What you thought I was going to say it is fine and it will be fine? Nope I’m not saying that. Because you have to get the mindset of what you version of success and fine it. So that is just a little food for thought for you.

The next part of graphic is the target. That is your various goals you will set.

The last parts are your darts. And yes they are used to hit that target ie goals you set. Each color signifies a different part of your goals. I have more darts and colors but giving you these so you can see what I mean.

So there is the nifty graphic and what it means. See I like using meanings of stuff to give both the visual and words since people learn in different ways and stuff clicks for them differently.

Now for the first part of what Goal Digger is.

For our Goal Digger we are using SMART to get to them. What is smart?

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Timing

There you go that is SMART.

So how do you get to SMART. My way was with a lot of cursing, failing and alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. Ok I don’t get drunk since for some reason most liquor makes me get really sober. But it was fun trying. LOL.

Let’s think of what a goal is. A goal to me is something I work toward to accomplish. Let’s get deeper. A goal is broken into many actionable parts that will lead ultimately to the bigger Gold Goal Digger level of what I want to do or accomplish. I have short term Gold Digger stuff and more long term goal digger stuff.

Each of my darts in my nifty image means something to my Goal Digger Blueprint. Come on it is nifty and I’m saying so. I like it anyway and if you don’t I’m pouting and feeling really hurt. Maybe. LOL. Anyway the darts. The meaning of these are specific to me.

Dart Meanings

Gold Dart – Book Business Main Goal – This is the ultimate place I want to be. This is the goal that lead to all the pieces of goals.

Red Dart – The heart of things. The writing that I love. And happens to be another of my favorite colors. I have 4 favorite colors.

Pink Dart – Classes, workshop and trainings oh my. We are always learning so we need a dart for that. This titillates that brain and so on. And brain is pink inside thus this color. Yeah this one not that imaginative. LOL.

Purple Dart –Promo and all that stuff that makes stuff run. This includes website stuff, blogging, social media and all that.
Blue Dart – Me time dart. This is all about doing me and having time. We tend to forget that so yes it is a goal.

Green Dart – Come on you know this one it is obvious. This is the finances part of it. Ie: the money from it.

Yellow Darts – Now you should have guessed this maybe. What do I love? Backlist Love. The yellow which happens to be one of my favorite colors is that backlist love. And yes it gets it’s own set of darts all yellow. smile

So there are the darts and each is a part of the main goal. If you notice I separated the money aspect from the writing aspect. Many time the two become so entangled it messes with the productivity. Your writing is separate goal from the money part of what you do. This is a mindset that takes time but start thinking of it and ask yourself this.

If I never made another cent on my writing will that make me not write anymore?

No I’m not saying publish. I’m saying write. I have stories that I write just for me that will never be published for money. Some will be free. Some I share with family and friends only. So this is why I say not write anymore. Another food for thought. smile

And now for you for the Goal Digger in you. Here is homework. Yes homework. Don’t groan now. This will be fun…well maybe for me. Since I can imagine your face and your cursing me. LOL. Yeah I did this same homework for myself when I first set my Goal Digger in motion.

1.) Find an image with your own set of darts. You don’t need as many as I do or you can have more. Get wild with it. So get an image or images with your darts and make sure one is at least gold in color. That dart is your starting off point for your goal setting. The Gold Dart – Book Business Main Goal. (Note: This is just the image and no choosing what each dart color represents yet. Remember the list I gave above is for me and what I did with the darts I choose. I have more darts too but keeping it with these so I don’t blow your mind. LOL)

If you want you can even make a nifty graphic like mine and put your name on it and use that as a visual as we go along. Including what I will have you write.

2.) Take your Gold Dart – Book Business Main Goal and set what that goal is. And no I don’t mean the goal I want to be rich and make tons of money. People will bow down and call my name. I will be a superstar. I mean dig deep on what you want your success to look like for your book business. Not what anyone else’s success looks like. YOUR SUCCESS is the goal. So get that goal.

3.) Once this is done hold onto your darts and your Gold Dart – Book Business Main Goal here (you can even do a separate graphic for that too).

So let’s get started on you’re becoming a Goal Digger!

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for that first main goal you will break down into pieces.

Now go out there and kick butt getting stuff done.

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Happy Writing!

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