Author Mindset ~ Be an Innovator

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Author Mindset ~ Be an Innovator

By: Scribes Unleashed

No Expert or Guru Statement

There are many things I love about writing. One of them is I get to create. Create the world I use be it in a real one or fictional one. Make up the characters with all their quirks, personalities and so on that makes them who they are. Bring their story to life with my words as I go on a journey with them. Storytelling is one of the most wonderful part of writing. Just from my mind I get to create something that no one else has. No matter if you’re writing to a common theme what you create is all yours. Writing allows me to daydream and then put that onto a screen or paper and share with the world.

Another is this author career can be one you can make a living at doing. Dream of doing that and set it into action. Do things to do so. Set your definition of success and go for it. Dream big and work for it. To succeed you need to be willing to keep learning, change things as needed, and most of all believe in yourself. Not matter if it seems impossible to do something think of ways to do it and accomplish it. Things will not happen overnight but as you work toward it they will happen. Even if it takes days, weeks, months or years you keep striving to be the author you want to be. Get the success that you want to achieve.

Embrace the author mindset that you’ll be a successful author and go for it.

With writing I get to create and be my definition of success. Most important of all I get to set my author mindset on how I want my career. With this author mindset for my career I set my own path and I get to…

Be an Innovator

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Happy Writing!

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