Ink Rhythms Dynamics

What’s Ink Rhythms Dynamics?

Short Answer

Ink Rhythms Dynamics – my thoughts on this dynamic book industry.

Long Answer 

I post Ink Rhythms Dynamics here on the blog. These are my thoughts on this dynamic book industry! This is an adventure which is thrilling, terrifying and satisfying all at one. Yes there are ups and downs but I see each as a Lesson Learned. Similar to Ink Rhythms (free newsletter for authors) this is my take on things. Many of these posts are different than what’s in Ink Rhythms newsletter (there are a few Ink Rhythms newsletter cross-posts here on blog but at this time the newsletter in it’s entirety is/will only be sent to Ink Rhythms subscribers. 🙂 Also some of the mindset I do can eventually become Ink Rhythms Dynamics based on my mood.

Ink Rhythms Dynamics as mentioned is similar to the newsletter so I’m saying something like I says in newsletter. The Ink Rhythms Dynamics posts are my sharing with you here on this blog. Think of this as you’re sitting with other like minded folks and having a conversation. Someone says something awesome and you’re in awe. By the way that someone is so not me. I’m not anyone to make people feel in awe. Well except when I have my klutzy moments which happens way to frequently. But wait I digressed. LOL.

I’m sharing my thoughts on things. This goes back to the conversation with others who are with you in this journey for this dynamic book industry. What I try to be is real. Maybe a little witty. Definitely snarky at times. But with a positive you got this and if you don’t and fail we’re gonna dust you off and you will try again. And again. And again a million, billion and infinity times. Hell you might never get it and well we are always learning so yeah we fail at times. It’s what you do with it that make a difference. Believe me failing is one of the best successes. Because if you didn’t fail how would you know you succeeded. Hey wait that was a pearl of wisdom there. What I post for Ink Rhythms Dynamics goes according to what I feel like doing. 🙂Ink Rhythms Dynamics can/will evolve (ie pivot and adapt) based on my mood.  😉

I’m a rebel and I don’t look at things as others might. I put my spin on it and will challenge others to do the same. And yes some of the stuff I put here and other places will challenge you in ways that could make you uncomfortable but hopefully it will make you come out of that comfort zone and go further. Push yourself to do you.

Enjoy this journey in this dynamic book industry with….Ink Rhythms Dynamics!

Happy Writing!

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