Me Time!

Today is the day I take a break and disconnect to just focus on me.

I’m a big believer of  Me Time! Self care is so important. We need to be healthy emotionally, mentally and physically.

So this Me Time is taking time just for you. Meaning don’t do anything that has to do with your writing or book business. We go, go and well keep going and many times forget about one of the most important parts of this whole thing.

Self Care.

I’m gonna challenge you to decree some Me Time. Take at least 1 day a week just for you (if you take more then awesome). Recharge those creative juices.

I’m doing my usual Me Time!

Chilling while I watch movies/TV Shows, listening to music and reading a book from my huge To Be Read books (no book that is writing or book business related just something fun).  🙂 Also other fun things I enjoy. I’m just all around relaxing and indulging myself today.

What are you doing for self-care?

Have you taken time for self-care?

Come on take today for your own Me Time.

I’m going to post this weekly and ask you about Me Time.

And in case you’re new to site or wondering why I’m online when I’m supposed to disconnect for Me Time, I wrote this before today and set it to post. 😉

Let’s get chilled. Let’s be lazy, snooze, eat some more, have fun…and well you get the picture.

You can come back tomorrow and share what you did for Me Time!

So what are you still doing here? Go and have some Me Time!

Me Time!

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Happy Writing!

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