Author Mindset ~ Versatility

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Author Mindset ~ Versatility

By: Scribes Unleashed

No Expert or Guru Statement

One of the many things to have and be able to do in this industry is be flexible. With the way things change so often you have to be able to move with it.

This can be hard for those who don’t observe when things might be changing. No I’m not saying to be on the internet twenty four seven. Instead pay attention to what is happening around you. There are always sign when the industry is undergoing change. When the next shift is coming.

These could be small shifts like what kind of books are gaining popularity. Then it becomes bigger. Just know just because something is popular now doesn’t mean what you are doing won’t work. It means just take stock of what you are doing and adapt and pivot it to what is happening. Basically take what is happening and tailor it for you.

Awareness of what is happening around you will make you able to change. Embrace your…


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