Author Mindset ~ Plan For The Future

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Author Mindset ~ Plan For The Future

By: Scribes Unleashed

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Do you have a plan for the future?

This isn’t just about goals and accomplishments you want to met. This is both about your business and your creative. Yes I separate the two. As creatives when you link it to the business parts your mind is filled with that instead of creating your stories.

Now back to the plan. Yes THE PLAN. This is a plan that is an outline how you want your author career to look like. We all have goals and things we want to accomplish as writers.

But many times we lay them out but don’t actually dive deep into what we have as a plan. We know we want to make certain say word count goals (ie. the creative side) or how many books we want to write or so on. For the business side there are sale goals, financial goals and so on. But saying I want to write so and so much or I want to sell so and so much doesn’t actually have a plan.

Plan for what you’re gonna do to do any of these things. Get deep into the plan and lay it out so you have actionably goals. Your creative is all about you. Your author business is all about you.

That you is there is key. Whatever you do is about you. So make your plans for now, in between and way off in the future. Longevity in your career is about having a plan. Well that and loving this author gig you have. Because for the amount of time, effort and all the things you put into it you should love it. Love what you do. Even love doing the…

Plan For The Future

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