Lesson Learned ~ Dealing with the Unexpected

Lesson Learned ~ Dealing with the Unexpected

By: Scribes Unleashed

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Each week I’ll post a Lesson Learned. Here’s this weeks. This is a repost.

Recently as in about two weeks ago I had an accident and now am in tons of pain. With that I have to deal with what I have planned.

Thankfully I plan ahead so I’m already working on books and so on for next year. This is why having books, plans and so on already done in future comes in handy. Those unexpected things that come up and if you don’t have a plan it can make you panic and derail you.

I’ve learned this the hard way from the past so I’m prepared for that unexpected. So although I had the unexpected come up I am dealing with it and still on track. And what can’t get done for any reason I adjust it as needed.

The lesson learned is to keep planning ahead so I’m prepared for dealing with the unexpected.

I’m gonna end with the same statement I made and continue to make – do what is right for you.

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