Author Mindset ~ Procrastination is Necessary

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Author Mindset ~ Procrastination is Necessary

By: Scribes Unleashed

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Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your dream. Not even yourself. There will be doubts, fear and any number of things that will try to stop you. Or others who will try to dissuade you. Don’t let it. Dream. Plan. Do it.

Many writers ignore the signs they need a break or time off one all too often. They try to get just that last word in then push for more. Even when tired cranky and had enough. They ignore their body and mind. Sometimes it gets to the point that burn out occurs. But the body has its own way of dealing with you ignoring it ie. you get sick or so on. But the mind on the other hand has the defense of that good ole procrastination on its side.

When your mind has had enough it goes into the procrastination mode.

Procrastination is the minds way of working out something. Go with it and embrace the procrastination. Kick the guilt about procrastination and embrace it. Hell give it a name. I call mine Mayhem.

Procrastination is Necessary

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