Lesson Learned ~ Not Right Project for You

Lesson Learned ~ Not Right Project for You

By: Scribes Unleashed

No Expert or Guru Statement

Each week I’ll post a Lesson Learned. Here’s this weeks. This is a repost.

I’ve tried for a few projects lately and heard that dreaded word no. When I used to hear no I would think so many negative things but now I don’t. When I hear no I think instead this is not the right project for you. As in it has nothing to do with my writing not being good enough instead it’s not the wright project for you. I didn’t fit and got a no. But that is ok.

I’ll keep trying if I find something that interests me. You can’t get something unless you put yourself out there and try for it.

The lesson learned is when you hear no keep in mind that this time it is no but try for next time and keep trying.

I’m gonna end with the same statement I made and continue to make – do what is right for you.

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