Author Mindset ~ Author Boss

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Author Mindset ~ Author Boss

By: Scribes Unleashed

No Expert or Guru Statement

For those of you who have not thought of it yet that you are the boss. I can imagine the panic setting in. First breathe. It’ll be ok. You got this.

Now ready for it. You’re the Author Boss. Yep you are. Technically you’re a company of one. But wait…I have cover designer, editor, proofer and etc who work for me. Yes they work for you on a limited basis. They are independent contractors so technically you’re not their boss. They provide you a service and you pay them. Ie they are an independent contractor.

As the boss of your own journey, you need to set things you want to accomplish. This is setting what is your meaning of success. Author Boss is all about you.

Author Boss means that you are in charge of your own path and where this author thing goes. Yeah I got a chill too. It is frightening and exhilarating all at once. You control what happens with your Author business.

The being in charge of stuff is hard and overwhelming. There is many things that go wrong but take each as what it is…a lesson learned. You will grow from it. Learn to adapt and pivot. You are a bad ass Author Boss

And so many things will go right. Believe in yourself and what you do. Trust your journey. Be you and do you. This is your business you are the….

Author Boss

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