Author Mindset ~ Treat/Reward Yourself

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Author Mindset ~ Treat/Reward Yourself

By: Scribes Unleashed

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Do you Treat/Reward Yourself?

Recognition of meeting your goals small, all the in-between and large is an important part of your author business. For your author business you are your own boss and many tend to forget celebrating the accomplishments. And no I’m not referring to that celebration when you release a book (if you don’t do this you should. You released a book celebrate it. Hmmm…a future post to do. 🙂 ). Back to the topic for today.

Setup a recognition program. This is one where you have treats/rewards based on a goal you set.

I have one and I have it separated by my creative (ie word count, completing a book and so on). And other by business (ie. income, sales, etc.). The treat/reward ranges.

Some examples.

Word Count Minimum Goal for the day Meet.
Treat/Reward: Get to read a book I was waiting for or see a show/movie.

1k – 3K over the Word Count Minimum Goal for the day.
Treat/Reward: go to movie and have a dinner out.

And so on increasing word count.

Another example:

Finish book before deadline set.
Treat/Reward: take remaining time off until start of next book. Or shopping spree (based on what I like, books, music or movies, etc.)

Example of Business one:

Meet minimum amount of sales for new release.
Treat/Reward: get a gadget I’ve been wanting to get.

Then increases from that amount upward with more treats/rewards.

Another Example:

Meet income goal I set for the month.
Treat/Reward: Trip to one of my favorite stores to purchase something.

Exceeded my income goals by (insert amount).
Treat/Reward: Trip to someplace I’ve been wanting to travel too.

Exceed my income goals by (even bigger amount)
Treat/Reward: Buy a house or take a trip around the world.

Also goes up as based on amounts I set.

This is a loose example of what I have set for treats/rewards. They are more detailed and based on what I see as treats/rewards. My treats/rewards start small but rise and get huge. Any treat/reward that I can imagine (dream big and go for it is what I do). I won’t get any of these unless I meet my goal I set.

If you don’t have a recognition program already or have one and need to tweak it to add in more parts then do so. Get going and do it and set up some awesome treat/rewards. You work hard at this author thing and recognizing that is a good thing to do.

Treat/Reward Yourself

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