Author Mindset ~ Follow Your Path

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Author Mindset ~ Follow Your Path

By: Scribes Unleashed

No Expert or Guru Statement

There is so much information on how to do this author thing. So much information bombarding you on how to do this or that. It can be overwhelming. It is confusing as many don’t know or question what they are doing. First there is no one way or no one right way to do this author thing.

One of first thing I ask when I coach someone and also in my Blueprint course is – what does your vision of your career blueprint look like? This is a powerful thing and makes you think. You see success all around you and want that but let’s have an author mindset reset. Instead of wanting (insert author you see as success) success how about finding your definition of success. Each of us has our own career and what we want from it. This is unique to each individual person. Embrace that unique and set goals, plan and execute it to get to your definition of success.

One of the hardest (change is hard) yet easiest (once you change will be shocked how it can fall into place) things to do is:

Follow Your Path

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