Dealing with Rejection

Dealing with Rejection

Real Title: It sucks and I’m not in the mood to be all positive

By: Scribes Unleashed

No Expert or Guru Statement

We all get rejected. It can be a book you sent in to a publisher. Or a reader didn’t like your book. A fellow author said something about you. (Insert any rejection you might have had).

It doesn’t matter what that rejection was. It’s a matter of how you handle it. Rejection doesn’t feel good. It hurts and makes you feel shitty. And no matter what stage of your career it happens.

Learn to deal with it. If you let it rejection will make you spiral into a funk. It can be that you don’t even realize it. Each work can be a task to write. Each thing you need to do can be frustrating and you wonder why you bother. This can be your unconscious reaction to rejection.

So how do you deal with it? First you need to face it. Accept that not everyone will like you. Get what you do. And that at the end of the day…it doesn’t matter.

Ask yourself these questions without thinking of the rejection you had.

Did I do my best?

Am I proud of what I did?

Will I let anything stop me from continuing?

Have I done me?

What are my writer reasons?

This just scratches the surface of how you deal with rejection. The main thing is to not let it derail you from going forward. Rejection happens and you have to accept that it does.

Dealing with Rejection

Now you know it’s coming. Here it is.

Blueprint Lite ~ Action Item:

Whenever you see “Blueprint Lite ~ Action Item” that means this is something for you to do.

We’re about to deal with rejection.

Rejection kick ass incoming!

Rejection sucks and many times it is hard. So…what do you do. It goes according to circumstance and you. All of this is back to being you.

I’ll give myself as example.

When I have a rejection according to what it is I do any or even all of following.

Write….I deal with many of well things…I am an writer so I write. In case of rejection I do a kick ass action scene and make the rejection my villian. And…kick the crap out of it or kill it off. 😉

I take Me Time…time for me. Just to do something else and no thinking of the rejection. Basically pamper yourself and enjoy it.

Vent…have a trusted friend. Call them and talk about it. Get it put of your system.

Take a nap. Yeah I like naps. I’m a champion napper.

Binge watch something. I think I mentioned I love to binge watch.

And so many more. Basically don’t let that insidious rejection get into you and derail you.  There are many ways to deal with rejection. Find ways that work for you. Be you and do you.

Now go out there and kick butt getting stuff done.

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Happy Writing!

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