Lesson Learned ~ Acceptance

Lesson Learned ~ Acceptance

By: Scribes Unleashed

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Each week I’ll post a Lesson Learned. Here’s this weeks. This is a repost.

I have this plan I laid out at the start of the year. The plan is a small part working toward one of my Goal Digger Blueprint darts (here for what I mean).

I put on my Author Boss Business and evaluated where I was at and well I’m not going to make that goal. Yeah there was some cursing involved and I took a me time to deal with it.

After that I sat down and figured out how to adjust and set a new timeline.

The lesson learned is when things don’t go as planned you yes take time to be upset if needed but then roll up your sleeves and adapt. This is something I do a lot since things change and you have to figure out how to roll with it. Things don’t always go your way but it’s what you do when it doesn’t that gives you that lesson learned.

I’m gonna end with the same statement I made and continue to make – do what is right for you.

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