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This is part of the continuously growing your Designer’s Edge Ink Blueprint Lite ~ Author Blueprint Toolkit. This will be various actionable things to build, reinforce and any buzz word that you can think of that helps you create your blueprint that suits your career. There are many parts I think of when I think of the Author Blueprint Toolkit. Below is one of them.

Tips/Tools Blueprint is some info on things that you can do and use. This will be something I wrote and at time I cross-posted it to other places.

Whenever you see “Blueprint Lite ~ Action Item” that means this is something for you to do.

Tips/Tools Blueprint ~ Be You

By: Scribes Unleashed

No Expert or Guru Statement

I’m starting you off with a Blueprint Lite Gold Tip!

Blueprint Lite Gold Tip!

Be you. Not who you think a reader wants to see. Because anything else will seem false.

Yep that is a Blueprint Lite Gold Tip! Acting like what readers want to see and not yourself is exhausting. So why do it?

Readers are interested in knowing the real you. This will start with your brand and how you are perceived by others. You want people to discover you. Yes it’s hard to share parts of yourself but do what makes you comfortable. Once you do share then it will create and arouse the curiosity about you. Then you can satisfy the reader by your books. But, remember not each moment is about a sale. It’s about building connections by being you.

I’ll use myself as an example.

For example. I’m a big TV, movie, reading, and so on watcher/reader so I talk about that and well people know that. I’m also big on family weather by blood or choice and this is for all my alter egos. And this shines through in my books. Have loads of that in them. I’m also…well…intense at times and deep and insightful then others weird, geeky and unique. Let’s call it that. LOL. I’m a combination of all those. I have favorite things like totes, journals, mugs and so on. I love gadgets and go gaga over it. I’m a major klutz and embrace it too. Boy the stories I have posted about those moments aren’t even a tenth of what I’ve done with my Klutzy Self. LOL.

And my unique…well I tell a lot of people I’m the Uno Queen Diva. I’ve done this in person (yes the expression were priceless), online and all over. I have it written on my blogs, when I do events I say it and it’s in my welcome email to anyone who joins any of my newsletter lists. When I go to conferences if I do an event I’ve done Uno as a theme for it. And none of what I just said is about a sale or even promoting my books. At least not directly. I do write about many of above in my books. Hey after all my characters have parts of me in them. No wonder some are so weird. LOL.

When I do the things mentioned I’m not thinking about Marketing or Promoting my books. Hell not even myself or my brand. It’s just me being me and that links into who I am. That is all part of being me. It’s as eclectic as I am. It’s the reason I write in so many genres. I love variety. And yes I am wacky and I’m good with that.

So back to the Blueprint Lite Gold Tip – be you. Yes you. You are who you are and showing that will garner more interaction and connections that anything else.

Blueprint Lite ~ Action Item:

Now for an action!

Share something about yourself on your social media or put in your newsletter. Include a picture of whatever it is. Start doing this and keep doing it. Have fun with sharing and being you.

And I’ll say as I usually do.

Don’t get overwhelmed start with one thing and work your way from there. As I have said before this is A Marathon and Not A Sprint. This pertains to everything no matter if its writing or all the things you do for your author business as well as in life. Things take time to do and build. Do one thing at a time then go from there.

Go on and work on your Tips/Tools Blueprint!

Now go out there and kick butt getting stuff done.

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Happy Writing!

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