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This is weekly recap of Scribesism I have posted to the fb page and other social media. Scribesism is a little slice of something to make you think.

Goals are there to be made but if you have to adapt them be flexible enough to do so.

You are the one who defines your success.

Success happens when you work for it. There are no shortcuts just rolling up your sleeves and doing the work.

Deep within each of us there is an idea waiting to be written into a novel that will be eventually be shared with the world.

Writing is a passion that lives on each and every day. Hour by Hour. Day by day. Sit down and write at least a word today.

Like a flower in bloom writing finds a place to grow and change. Write that change and grow today.

Clear your mind by taking some much needed Me Time.

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Happy Writing!

Scribes Unleashed
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Learning, adventure and sharing
Learning , adventure and sharing

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