Lesson Learned ~ Failure Is A Step In Success

Lesson Learned ~ Failure Is A Step In Success

By: Scribes Unleashed

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Each week I’ll post a Lesson Learned. Here’s this weeks. This is a repost.

I’m about to tell you a secret…well maybe not a secret but something many might not admit. I try things and there are many times I fail. A whole lotta times I fail. Yes fail and sometime spectacularly. There I said it and it’s in writing.

The other day I tried a new to me promotion to get some exposure and well it didn’t work. Money down the drain and another failure. But I saw this as not a failure but a success since I could take parts of this and learn something. I love learning.

Yes when you do something you want it to succeed to get a positive return on it…but that is not always the case. Sometime we fail and fail and fail. But it’s what you do with that failure is key to success.

So with each of my failures I use it as a step to success. So in the end it’s not a failure but a part of my success.

The lesson learned is stop thinking that I failed and thinking this is a step in success.

I’m gonna end with the same statement I made and continue to make – do what is right for you.

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