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This is part of the continuously growing your Designer’s Edge Ink Blueprint Lite ~ Author Blueprint Toolkit. This will be various actionable things to build, reinforce and any buzz word that you can think of that helps you create your blueprint that suits your career. There are many parts I think of when I think of the Author Blueprint Toolkit. Below is one of them.

Essential Tools Blueprint are tools I consider essential to your book business. These in my opinion are one of the most important parts of what all of this is about. When people think of tools they think of things they can buy to help their book business or so on. But those are only the secondary to these essential items. I’ll post what the essential tool is and then give you an action item for that tool.

Whenever you see “Blueprint Lite ~ Action Item” that means this is something for you to do.

Essential Tools Blueprint ~ You

By: Scribes Unleashed

No Expert or Guru Statement

Here’s a Designer’s Edge Ink Blueprint Lite ~ Essential Tools Blueprint.

An Essential Tool is…


Yes you are the essential tool that drives it all. Without you there would be no book business. There wouldn’t be any stories that make readers want more. Those characters you gave life to would not exist. And the very idea of that makes me sad. You’re your readers too. The readers fall in love with what you wrote. What you came up with.

Without you none of this would be possible. We each have our own book business and without each of you there would be none. The stories you write would not be out in the world.
You are an essential tool because you guide everything. You control it all and are the driving force behind it all.

Now some tough love. Stop beating up on your most essential tool. Each time you overwork yourself you are messing with your essential tool – you. Every time you get that negative mindset (lack of sales, reviews, engagement and etc.) you are messing with your essential tool – you. When you don’t do self-care like taking that “Me Time” you are messing with your essential tool – you. Don’t say you don’t have time. You do. This essential tool is precious and should be protected.

Blueprint Lite ~ Action Item:

Now for an action!

From the time you read this and for a month take into mind what I stated and write each day about this essential tool. Yes talk about you. Pour out about how the essential tool is part of your book business.

Then here is the challenge part of this. Share this with someone. Or post on your social media let your readers into your truth.

You can also come and post it here on this blog post or contact me here. Then at the end of your month timeframe do something that celebrates you.

I look forward to seeing about your Essential Tools Blueprint – you.

And I’ll say as I usually do.

Don’t get overwhelmed start with one thing and work your way from there. As I have said before this is A Marathon and Not A Sprint. This pertains to everything no matter if its writing or all the things you do for your author business as well as in life. Things take time to do and build. Do one thing at a time then go from there.

Now go out there and kick butt getting stuff done.

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Happy Writing!

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