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If you haven’t heard me speak of my backlist love or even if you have here’s a post to get you started on what I mean by….

Backlist Love

Brace yourself it’s about to get real. Ok here we go.

I’m about to make a statement you might already know or if you don’t you will come to understand what I mean.

Long Term Author Career is Built on Backlist

I know shocking right. And so many times authors focus on the next release they forget all about backlist. Poor, poor unappreciated backlist.

I’m about to show you how to appreciate that backlist. How to love all over it!

This author newsletter will be delivered for free to your inbox. This newsletter is geared toward authors. Backlist Love Challenges is all about giving that backlist some love. Showing you ways to give attention and nurture your backlist. Let your backlist shine bright in the light and work for you. That ole saying build it and they will come is true in some aspects. But once you built that backlist you will need to feed, nurture and show it off. Join me as I show you ways to do that.

Get ready to unleash you Backlist Love Challenge Warrior!

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Happy Writing!

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