Writing Habit

Writing Habit

Real Title: Habits are hard to break…and this is exactly why I need to get this one nailed.

By: Scribes Unleashed

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The way I write so much and release fairly often is I have writing habits. These are habits I developed so I can get more done while not getting overwhelmed.

How do you develop your own writing habit?

▪ Figure out what your hourly word count.
▪ Then what is your minimum words you can do in a day without being overwhelmed (not this is important since some days you will do more words and others it can be a struggle to get the minimum)
▪ Now once you have that calculate based on words per day how many days you will need to complete your book (estimate the word count you will use for the book)

Once you have that then figure out your schedule. Write at least the minimum word count you set. Then do it and keep doing it until it becomes a habit.

Writing Habit

Now go out there and kick butt getting stuff done.

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Happy Writing!

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