No Formula for Writing

No Formula for Writing

Real Title: Wait…I can write the way I want to.

By: Scribes Unleashed

No Expert or Guru Statement

There is so much information out there about writing. Classes, workshops, coaches and all that. Lots of valuable information is out there but there is some that you will need to filter out.

Writing is a very personal thing that’s unique to each person. When you sit down to write that story, it’s you and that page or computer screen.

Writing is an intimate thing. You put yourself into those words. Sometimes it can be based on things you experienced or someone you know has.

Writing is about how you tell the story. The way you tell a story will be different than someone else. Even if you are following tropes, trends or anything that is the new thing, you still tell it your way. Unless you let someone tell you how to tell the story you want to tell. (hint: You should be yelling HELL NO to this last sentence).

Believe me it happens. No matter what stage you are in your career there are those supposed well meaning who think they know people who will tell you don’t do it this way. Or you can’t do that. Yes you know who I mean.

I’ve experienced this when I first started out. And well…they didn’t know me well so they didn’t realize when you say the word “can’t” or “don’t” it’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Unlike a bull I don’t immediately charge I listen because I like to learn and find out things. So I listen then make a decision based on what works for me. Even when I started and knew nothing and was green I knew at the core what story I wanted to tell. I didn’t know the mechanics (ie. where to put a comma, tenses, point of view and etc.) but I knew what my story was. The other stuff I learned but still kept true to the story I wanted to tell.

Now with way many years under my belt. I have a long term career and even with that I am still learning. If anyone ever tells you they are done learning but wants to teach you something run. Run like you butt is on fire. When you look at those with knowledge in any industry the ones people say are the ones to go to they are always learning. Things change so you learn. Life changes so you learn.

Back to my learning. Even now at this stage of my career I’ve experienced where others tell me “can’t” and “don’t”. Yeah remember that bull and red flag but the wait to see what they have that is me. Because as I said I love learning. So I listen and then if there is something there that is useful I will use it the way that works for me.

Now let’s talk briefly about editors. They are there to make your book shine but you don’t need to take every single thing they say in edit and accept. If a point is relevant to your story then keep it. And as a example, if an editor ever changes the cadence of how you characters speak or the way they react to something then see my run. Run like you Butt is on fire. Yes. I have had that happen to me. Totally changed the way my book read. My characters and the story I was telling. Spent money on it and couldn’t use edit. It happens and is a lesson learned. Didn’t use that editor again.

Do you see what I am getting at?

Writing at the core is about you and you alone. The story you have to tell. Get to the guts of your stories you want to tell so at end of day you have a story you want. No formula to follow just all you. This is about having a mindset that you are a writer of this story. You know the story you want to tell. Doubts about that is a lot of what stops someone when they are writing. The mindset that goes into it.

For me along with the writing and loving it I also have the business mind for it too. I know what works for me and my platform I have established that I adapt based on how I grow and change. I’ve worked in corporate environments for a long time so know how to think in the aspect of bottom line, revenue and strategy for business to gain clients and so on. I use that for my author career.

I put all of this into my own writing. The left and right brain work together to combine to be a strong force. 😉 I do what works for me. What is true to my writing and my career. I want you to do the same. The base of all you do is the writing. So hone it and your voice. Your stories. You.

Writing is very intimate and personal to you. So write your story that you uniquely tell.

No Formula for Writing

Now go out there and kick butt getting stuff done.

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Happy Writing!

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