Why Do You Write?

Why Do You Write?

Real Title: Writer Battle Cry

By: Scribes Unleashed

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With all the things in this author business coming at you it’s a hard thing to not lose sight of the most important part of this. There was a reason why you do this. A reason why you decided not to just write but publish your book. Because you could have just decided to write and not publish. But you choose to do both. Don’t lose sight of those reason.

Each of us has reasons that are personal to us on why we do this author business.

Here is mine. This is my Writer Truth.

For me I do this because I love the written word. Have from time I was child. I made up my own stories and presented them to my family. Then as I got older I dabbled in writing but wasn’t serious. Until I did get serious for very personal reasons. When I did, I wrote then eventually published. I still feel that same burning within me. My fingers get itchy with the story I want to pour on the page. I write until that current story in out of me but it lives on in the pages and readers (who I am so grateful for) who read my work. No matter what they feel about my story it’s about me. What makes me still down all those hours, late nights, early mornings, holidays, time away from family and etc. I write because I love it and couldn’t even fathom not doing it.

My Author Mindset is set to do what I love. Believe in me because at the end of the day I’m my biggest supporter of my craft as it should be. Writing is personal and is like walking naked in front of a crowd and putting my head back and roaring this is me and I love me. See me and accept me or not I don’t care. This is my truth and I’m me. Writing is about the journey I take and bring readers along for the ride. This is me I am that rebel who never fit in or that outcast that others didn’t know what to do with but I claimed it, owned it and made it me. No matter who tries to change me I will be me. I’m the Author Rebel who does what suits me. I’ll be me and don’t compare myself to anyone else others. I’m uniquely me.

So no matter what, I’m a writer. In my soul, blood, tears, heart, spirit and body is all in with this writing. My definition of success is doing something I love and being happy doing it. I make money doing it but that is secondary to doing this because I love it. Love is a motivator that drives me to write. Drives me to publish each book I have poured my all into. Each word is mine that I share with all those readers who read it. And maybe those words will touch someone or maybe not. But at the end it is about me and those words on a page. Then in a book and then I release to the world. Yes there are days that are tough but nothing stops me from writing. I will always come back to it. It is my solace in those tough time. My joy in life. My anchor for my life. It is me and I it. And when the current story is done I go onto the next, then the next and I keep going and doing what I love.

That is my reasons I write. That is my Writer Battle Cry. Now you share with me. Roar with me about….

Why Do You Write?

PS: Here is a blog about author mindset for Writer Reasons and the Writer Reasons Worksheet.

Now go out there and kick butt getting stuff done.

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Happy Writing!

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