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This is weekly recap of Scribesism I have posted to the fb page and other social media. Scribesism is a little slice of something to make you think.

When I dream of my author career it makes me happy.

Each word I write is another in a journey I’m taking is a writer.

Getting to explore various places and people is one of the awesome things about being a writer.

I get to put my dreams on paper and share it with others.

Writing isn’t about how many reviews, sales, or any of those things. Writing is about taking the journey my characters take me on then getting to share that adventure with the readers.

Each story I write my goal is to create a book that I am proud to put my name on.

Self-care is one of the most important parts of being a writer. If you keep working and don’t take any downtime you’re not working at your best.

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Happy Writing!

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