Author Boss Toolkit: Procrastination

Author Boss Toolkit: Procrastination

Real Title: I don’t procrastinate and that’s my story I’m sticking with and you can’t prove otherwise. Yeah I’m stretching the truth so what.

By: Scribes Unleashed

No Expert or Guru Statement

Procrastination is a word that invokes such defense and guilt that many see it as a negative. I was that way too…until I sat down one day and evaluated what I did when I procrastinated. See if any of this is familiar.

While procrastinating you are:

~ reading a book on craft, the business or taking a class to enhance you
~ researching something for book (ie. a plate design, car, dress, dialect someone speaks when in a certain country or so on)
~ reading a book just for fun so your mind can take a rest
~ working out your frustration on something else since the book you are working on is stalled
~ promoting your book business
~ attending and event for you or to support another author
~ updating your website, posting to social media and etc.
~ supporting a fellow writer who needs a shoulder to lean on
~ hashing out an idea with someone else or them hashing out an idea with you
~ binge watching (insert show)
~ spending time with family, taking a walk or any other number of things
~ (insert any way you procrastinate)

Whew I could keep going but I’m sure one of these or a few of these will fit the ways you procrastinate. And when you do you feel bad for doing it. But when I look at this list it makes me wonder dude you work hard even when you procrastinate.

I’m tired just looking at how this procrastination thing works. I can hear you now. But I get the moments when I am doing something related to my book or overall book business but what about all the other stuff like TV and so on. That is necessary too. Procrastination is your minds way of saying I need a break.

We ignore the signs we need one all too often. We try to get just that last word in then push for more. Even when we’re tried cranky and had enough. We ignore our body and mind. But the body has it’s own way of dealing with you ignoring it ie you get sick or so on. But the mind on the other hand has the defense of that good ole procrastination on its side.

When you’re mind has had enough it goes into the procrastination mode. Let me know if this sounds familiar.

~ writing but then distracted by a social media alert.
~ writing and our family says something and we go see what is going on and are caught up in what they are doing.
~ plan to write but turn on TV first just for one episode of whatever show then hours later you come up for air and lost the who day.

~ hear a show on TV and then get drawn in and forget all about the writing you were gonna do that day.

Yep your mind has had enough and used one of the tools it has the procrastination one. But wait do you recall the list of what you do during procrastination. Wow you get a lot done when trying to procrastinate. There are many who wish they can procrastinate like you do. Do you when you procrastinate get so much done except the one you planned on. It could be writing, setting up marketing or so on. But instead of doing what task you have you do something else.

I’ve been known to even procrastinate from doing my promo for a new book by writing. I know shocking. Imagine that I procrastinated by writing. I so need my procrastination card taken away. LOL.

When you look at procrastination as a necessity it shifts your mindset. Would you rather follow your minds need for a break by procrastinating or don’t and keep pushing and burn out? Think on that a moment. And if you need more than a moment your mind is so gonna teach you and procrastinate on you. Then maybe you will get it.

Embrace when your mind wants to procrastinate. Yes you have a deadline but would pushing whatever you are doing isn’t working be productive or just frustrating. Thus making you cranky.

We tend to get so laser focused on what we feel we have to do we ignore the signs of our body and most especially our mind that we need a break. Then this is where procrastination kicks in and that is the way your mind says enough.

But I will again say look at how you actually procrastinate. More times than not you are doing something even if you don’t think you are that somehow benefits what you are working to accomplish. Even chilling out is a benefit. It helps you decompress and avoid burning out. Yes that is beneficial too.

And yes, I know some of you don’t believe me when I say this. But next time you get that guilty feeling or when you say you are procrastinating in a defensive or laughing tone remember this – Procrastination is Necessary. This is part of your Author Boss Toolkit. Next time you procrastinate as I mentioned think on what you are actually doing. How it helps your clarity on a project or just unlocks you from being stagnant. Heck just makes you recharged to tackle whatever you need too.

The poor “P” word that gets such a bad wrap is actually an ally to you. Treat it like one. When you say you are procrastinating don’t let guilt or defensiveness creep in. Take it for what that procrastination is. Your minds way of taking a break.

So there you have it add that procrastination to your Author Boss Toolkit. Wait what is that Author Boss Toolkit you speak of and what else is in it? Author Boss Toolkit is basically a toolkit you have that you use that compliment your Author Boss. What is in it? Well this is something I go into somewhere else. *smile*

Now homework. Yes you know I love to give homework. I want you to make a graphic that states – Author Boss Toolkit. Get a toolkit and put that on it. Then make another graphic that says Procrastination is Necessary. Put them on a side by side image and put that somewhere you can visually see it. Share it with me in the facebook group or on social media.

Also the next time you procrastinate afterward think of what you have done. Think again of all you get done when you procrastinate. And own that you are an Author Boss Bad Ass doing stuff your way.

And feel free to come join the Designer’s Edge Ink facebook group and share if you like or even email me about it.

And that is the homework. See not so bad.

Now go out there and kick butt getting stuff done.

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Happy Writing!

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