Reader Gold

Reader Gold

Real Title: Reader Gold makes me all tingly

By: Scribes Unleashed

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This was written under one of my alter egos. I haven’t changed much of what I originally wrote in this just tweaked a little. Did add my Real Title which I’ve been doing and that is it. And might even do an updated one for where I am now. Sort of a before and after.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about series and serials. What they are and how I feel about them. There are so many books coming out each month and a lot of them are part of a series/serial. Which makes me happy.

First here are my definitions of series/serial:

Series ~ Designer’s Edge Ink Definition:

Novels that has a related story theme but each one is complete in and of itself.

Serial ~ Designer’s Edge Ink Definition Definition:

Novels that feature/follows the same main character/s yet are still a fresh story each time.

No matter which way you slice it I find whether it is a serial or series I enjoy writing stories like this. It gives me room to stretch my mind, push my characters to give me more and wallow in there adventure even more. Although I enjoy these stories I don’t usually start writing with the intention of it being a series/serial sometimes it just happens to evolve that way.

I write what I love to read and I’m one of those readers that wondered what is next for such and such main character. Or what happened to this sub – character that I liked in this or that novel. I go hunting to find more and when I find it I feel like I’ve struck READER GOLD. I jump up and down and shout in glee. LOL.

This is also true with when I find stand alone books that become part of my keeper shelf. There are many that do and I love each of these Reader Gold also.

I remember an instance where I picked up an author that I hadn’t tried before. The novel was great and imagine my glee that I struck reader gold and it was a series. I went back and bought all of there novels except one it was sold out. I searched and searched for years for this one book and couldn’t find a copy. Not even a used one. I even contacted the author to find out if the story was going to be re-printed. To my dismay it wasn’t at that time. Amazon even had over 200 people waiting for a copy of this book when I checked. I stopped checking the numbers after I saw the amount of people. No one was selling. Last year I struck reader gold when the book was reprinted and I was able to finish my collection. I know me and over 199 other people very happy.

As my thoughts of Reader Gold evolved it was fun and interesting tracking down some author’s who have some wonderful series/serials that I feel are Reader Gold. Also some awesome stand alone titles too. Everyone should have a little Reader Gold on their bookshelf.

Can you imagine so many readers looking for an author? Searching for that Reader Gold. That is what I want my novels to be to my current and future readers ~ Reader Gold. No I don’t want you the reader to wait a long time for my books but I want you to be so drawn into the worlds that I create you can’t wait to see what happens next.

Now go out there and kick butt getting stuff done.

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Happy Writing!

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