Author Mindset ~ Better Than You Think

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Author Mindset ~ Better Than You Think

By: Scribes Unleashed

Mind is racing with everything I did this week and to do this week. The one thing that stands out is all the things I got done and those I didn’t yet. But I don’t dwell of the not done since I don’t want to go down that mental path of if I did this then this could have happened. Instead I focus on the now and what I did do. When I go through what I did do…I’m usually shocked at how much it was.

We usually underestimate what we do. We’re our own hardest critic of what we do. I’ve learned over the years to muffle that inner critic that nags me that I didn’t get something done. Or any of the negative things. Sometimes it seeps in that damn inner critic but I’ve gotten to a stage that I squash it fairly quickly. Your author mindset is important and you don’t have space for the negative. I’m going back to the “protect your creativity”. That is the most important part of your author business.

Without it there is no business. Without it there is no creativity. And I don’t know about you but even if I was not to publish another book I will still keep writing. Because I love It like this post says –

Now back to topic. Acknowledging that you’re doing better than you think. When you say the word “You Got This” that you mean them. Now think of what you did this week and celebrate you’re doing….

Better Than You Think

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