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This is weekly recap of Scribesism I have posted to the fb page and other social media.

With all these demanding characters running around in my head wanting their story I’m always entertained. Also function with very little sleep. Okay function is a strong word…more like if I remember my own name it’s a good day. 🙂

When I tell people I’m a writer they think I’m crazy. And you know I can’t disagree. Writers talk to themselves, act out action scenes, fight with characters who choose 2 am to decide now they want to let you know their story and…wait maybe that’s just me. Come on you know you do these things in some form too.

When the issue you’ve been having in your story comes to you when you are not near any paper, computer or anything to write it down you learn to adapt. I’ve written on placemats, napkins, told the scene to someone and told them remember in a frightening voice (yes they did too I think I scared them. LOL.), and any other way I can. Writing is some serious and always an entertaining thing. Love Writing.

That moment when you put The End in a book is one of joy. Celebrate the moment and appreciate that you wrote a book.

Me Time is important take some time off and enjoy yourself.


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Happy Writing!

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