Scribesism ~ Recaps

This is weekly recap of Scribesism I have posted to the fb page and other social media.

If anyone looks at what I search on the internet they’d wonder about me. 🙂 I’m an author and it’s for my next book.

Write because you want to and need to.

Be courageous in pursuing your dream of being a writer.

Secret to being a better writer…write. Then write some more. With each story you tell you grow and learn.

Writing is a journey with unexpected twists and turns. Enjoy the fun of it and the discovery.

There is so much to do and not enough time. Find what you need to do now and get that done. Then reprioritize the rest and set times to do it.

Me time is an essential part of your Author Boss Toolkit. Recharging by taking me time will keep you from overdoing it. Take at least 1 day a week of me time.

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Happy Writing!

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