Author Mindset ~ Be Daring

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Author Mindset ~ Be Daring

By: Scribes Unleashed

Here’s something to think about.

Think of yourself as a color. Not everyone you meet will see you as their favorite for even needed. But you might not work for that person but eventually you’ll meet someone who you will.

As writers when we write our stories, many of us set an expectation it will be enjoyed by everyone. But although they know that’s not possible and readers have what they enjoy that is their choice. It doesn’t mean that you’re book is not great. Not every book your write will be for every reader. Even your loyal readers might not enjoy a book you wrote. That doesn’t mean your book is not wonderful. It’s just not right for that reader. When you write a book all you can say to yourself is this.

Have you done your best?

Are you proud of having your name on that book for all to see?

If you answer yes to those questions that is what you strive for. Stop trying to fit some expectation that is impossible. Be that vibrant whatever color you choose. Do you.

Be Daring

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