Author Mindset ~ Don’t go for just success go for longevity

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Author Mindset ~ Don’t go for just success go for longevity

By: Scribes Unleashed

The other day I recalled I hadn’t seen or heard anything for an author I knew. So I went looking for them and well there was nothing. They were basically gone. I don’t know if they changed names, decided to stop writing or something. Then it made me curious so I went to check other authors I knew. And well for a few the same thing. Then that made me wonder even more.

And these were authors who had many books out and a following. So I went to look on the various vendors and although they had books still on site there was nothing new. For some their books were gone. As I mentioned I have no idea what happened. Their site was gone too and so on.

This made me sad that they were gone. And wonder what happened. I won’t even speculate since I have no idea.

I will say I have noticed that sometimes you see someone all over and so much books out then the next gone. I’m just sad they are.

This got me to thinking again of success. I’m in a place where I have my own definition of success. It’s not anyone else’s or by anyone’s standards but my own. It’s a mindset and place I worked to get at.

Success is a fickle thing and even if you have it for some, it’s never enough. They want the next and next and chase the next shiny thing. And I like shiny just as the next person but when I go for shiny if I’m interested I’m still thinking in back of my head about my future. And shiny changes often so you have to adapt. And shine doesn’t equate success. What shiny works for someone else might not work for someone else.

Everyone’s definition of success is different and each person sets what that means to them. For my career I’m happy with the success I have attained and I build, learn and adapt it as needed. One of the cornerstones of my success is longevity.

Chasing shiny is fine and the next thing but even if you do always plan for beyond that. I’ve been an author in this dynamic industry for a long time. Seen many come and go. Publishers rise and fall. I’ve been a casualty in a number of them but I’m still here. Still standing. Still plugging away. I have my readership who look for me and I build on that.

I’m not chasing anyone else’s dream or following anyone else’s path. I’m blazing my own trail. That’s what we all should do.

Do you.

When I think of my definition of success, I do it with my one unshakable core point.

Don’t go for just success go for longevity.

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