Your Finished Book

Your Finished Book

Real Title: OMFG I Wrote A Book! Watch Me Do The Book Dance!

By: Scribes Unleashed

No Expert or Guru Statement

There’s so much that goes into the process of a book. From the start to the end, our focus is on creating the best book we can and getting it out there. We celebrate many things through the process from writing ‘The End’ on that completed book to cover art and so on. But in my process I do celebrate those things but I also have something I do that if you are not doing now hopefully by the end of this you’ll add it to your process too.

I had an unexpected tight deadline come up recently so my usual process was accelerated. I wrote like the wind. Yes, my fingers were flying so fast that I swear the keyboard was smoking. Seriously, I had to replace my keyboard once I was done with this book. Ok I admit I’ve been writing a lot and tend to be rough on a keyboard. 🙂 So back to the deadline. I went through my process to get my book done and ready to go out into the world.

Although technically the book is done and ready, I have a step after all that I do. This is to me one of the most important parts of my process. When my book is ready as in all done with nothing left to do but release day I put a copy on my reader or have a paperback copy then get a drink of choice (according to my mood it will be alcohol) and go to my favorite reading spot. I open the book and I read just for the joy of it.

This is just reading. No looking for anything wrong or anything like that. I shut off that I’m the one who wrote the book and read it as a reader would. Yes, when I first did this this was hard to put aside I wrote the book but I have learned too.

I read the book as a reader would. The reason I do this is goes back to the Writer Reasons I do this because I love to read. Thus, I love to read what I write. When I do this, it is my final part of the process. A celebration of the book and enjoying it as a reader.

Each book you write should have this. Yes, we have so much going on but this read of you book, as a reader is the most important. It’s to me like an affirmation of why I write. Why I do all this? Why all those difficulties of this business at the end of the day is tough but my writing isn’t about that? It’s about I have to write to get that story that is in my head out. When I do, I want to celebrate it. Celebrate the book I wrote and just enjoy.

With the deadline I had, I was on full speed no stops and I made it. As I’ve said before when you release a book into the world it’s like they— all the readers—are seeing you naked since you put yourself out there by publishing a book. It is a very personal and intimate thing. As the writer of that book this final part is your intimate moment with your book. It’s the same as if you have this book by an author you love and are eagerly awaiting it to come out. When the book does you find time to read it, to enjoy, and savor.

Do the same with the book you wrote. All that hard work in front of you. Give it the celebration it deserves. Hell I’ve been known to light candles and put on some music too when I do this final part of my process. Make it special and celebrate that accomplishment.

With the deadline I just had, I almost wasn’t able to do this part of my process but I took a moment and said nope I need to do this. This is that final celebration. A moment that will be a memory of this book.

And do you know what this also does? I don’t know about you but when I read a book I wrote I’m many time so shocked that I wrote it. I WROTE THAT BOOK. YES I DID. I am Writer Hear me Roar.

Reading my book at the end when it’s just me and the words is one of the most awe-inspiring and humbling things ever. So, as I mentioned at the start of this if you’re not doing this— I call it “Celebratory Read”—now hopefully by the end of this you’ll add it to your process. This is a part of the process most forget or just gloss over as a task to be done.

Stop right there

This is not a task. This is for you. It’s all part of you as a writer. So take the time and observe this milestone. So to recap:

Celebratory Read Process

~ Set aside some uninterrupted time

~ Put your book on reader or if paperback get your copy.

~ Grab a beverage of your choice

~ Go to your favorite reading spot. You can also put on some music, light some candles, or whatever your celebration is for this.

~ Open the book and read it as a reader would. (shut off that inner critic and just read)

~ Marvel in that you wrote the Book. YOU WROTE THE BOOK.

~ From now to infinity and beyond you have that moment which is now a memory of that book.

My friend and I was talking the other day and I told her I did my “Celebratory Read”. She’s fascinated by the process we do as authors. And it got me thinking (yeah you know it is a bad thing when that happens. LOL). I’m going to start posting about this final part of my process to share with my readers. Heck everyone. LOL.

There is so much that goes into the writing process that we get lost in and we celebrate but don’t forget what is IMO the most important part of the process— Celebratory Read. So again if you don’t do this yet…what are you waiting for? Refer to my about Celebratory Read Process on how you do this. And adapt to work for you. Go wild and have a date with your book or something. 🙂

I’m looking forward to hearing about your Celebratory Read of your books. Share it with me on Social Media, email, carrier pigeon or things like that.

Now go out there and kick butt getting stuff done.

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Happy Writing!

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