The Ah Hah Moment

The Ah Hah Moment

Real Title: Make me feel it…come on you know you want too.

By: Scribes Unleashed

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This was written under one of my alter egos. I haven’t changed what I originally wrote in this. Did add my Real Title which I’ve been doing and that is it. And might even do an updated one for where I am now. Sort of a before and after.

In my opinion what makes the difference between an ok book and a great one is that all-important “ah hah” moment.

So what is an “ah hah” moment?

Ah Hah Moment ~ Scribes Unleashed Definition: A moment that elevates a story beyond just a book to a book that makes the reader remember a line or scene that makes them go back to it time and again. This is a true keeper book that has wear and tear from continued reading. The book you buy multiple copies of and don’t lend it to anyone.

These “ah hah” moments aren’t only in books. They can extent much further than that. They also happen in movies, TV shows and things that happen in your everyday life. In movies and TV shows these “ah hah” moments are those you remember and discuss with others. This is what happened to me recently. Some friends and I were discussing some of our favorite shows and movies. I noticed that each person had an “ah hah” moment when they talked about their show or movie they liked. In the everyday instances they ranged from falling in love, loss, and just a feel good or bad thing. Whenever I talk with others it is interesting hearing all these moments that resonated with each person.

No matter that type of “ah hah” they all had one thing in common – they leave a lasting impression. Resonate with you long after done.

Now back to books. So what makes an “ah hah” book? There is no sure formula. It has to be something that resonates with the reader. For me an “ah hah” moment is what makes the story more real. A book that from the first line they capture me. To that last line that makes me feel not only content but when I go to sleep I dream of the book. And long after that last word I think of what I read. Give me everything. Emotions laid bare. Build the setting so I can feel it like I am there. Bring me along with the characters step by step. Give me a plot that is intriguing and makes me flip the pages.

Then the most important thing of all “ah hah” me. Give me something in the story that will flip that special figurative switch inside. This will bring reading to an all-new level. When you hit that “ah hah” level you are on my automatic must buy and read now list. Again we go back leaving a lasting impression. One that resonates with the reader.

As a reader I seek out that “ah hah” moment in books. Those books are keeper ones that line my shelves and I read often. As a writer I strive to give the reader that “ah hah’ moment. Since reading is so varied and goes by what resonates with the reader I don’t succeed with everyone. Yet when I do with even just one reader I feel I have done what I set out to do – given that “ah hah” moment that will make me a keeper for a reader. I have a few readers who have contacted me letting me know that my story resonated with them in someway. That is it’s own “ah hah” moment that makes me as a writer proud.

Now go out there and kick butt getting stuff done.

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