Another Form of Seduction

This was written under one of my alter egos. I haven’t changed what I originally wrote in this. Did add my Real Title which I’ve been doing and that is it. And might even do an updated one for where I am now. Sort of a before and after. I did also add some info prior to the post.

But before we get into the post below I want to talk about craft for minute. One of the most powerful tools in my opinion as a writer is to be able to engage the mind and seduced her mind with words. When you think about it although many are visual people however once they pick up your book being brought in by the visual it’s those words that will keep them.

So when you’re thinking of writing or writing think of ways to engage the mind and seduce with words. There are subtle beats when you write and I know many of you feel it in your guts. When that story is moving you making you want to do it or makes you emotional according to what’s going on. That’s what you want to get across to readers. That engagement of their mind in which you are seducing them with words. It doesn’t matter what genre your writing it’s the words that will hook a person.

Now I leave you with this.

Another Form of Seduction

Real Title: I’m supposed to do what now, what is this seduce with words?

By: Scribes Unleashed

No Expert or Guru Statement

A conversation… well it was more of a debate between my big sis and I led to a very interesting discussion on seduction. We are both avid readers with similar taste. The debate came in when we discussed the merits of the different forms of seduction. We went through the slow and sensual, fast and heated, all the way to the have to have you now. Our opinions varied on each. We did both agree on one. At least we agreed once I explained to my big sis what I meant.

I mentioned to my sis about a book I read that had a scene that I thought was a different form of seduction. Once I gave her examples she sat for a while to think on what I said. I challenged her to think about what I said. Once she figured out what I meant the talk was on. It led to us discussing more of that sort of seduction.

The mind seduction.

In my opinion most seductions start in the mind first. It is those little things that engage you. Make you long for that person. For instance, matching wits with someone who you think of an adversary or just for fun. The mind gets involved first and then it is seduced by that person. Or in some instances being attracted to someone for their brain. Intellectuals are yummy. I love me some geeks. I’m a geek myself. The mind seductions in books are there if you look.

Ever since I came to the realization of mind seduction I’ve found them in books. It is heady to have your mind seduced. The mind is a complex part of your body. Engage it and you get another form of seduction.

Now go out there and kick butt getting stuff done.

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Happy Writing!

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