There is no I in Community

 There is no I in Community

Real Title: Although writing is a solitary profession we all have a tribe

By: Scribes Unleashed

No Expert or Guru Statement

Writers are usually alone as they create. Yes there are some of us who have co-writers but it’s you and that page. We get lost in our own little worlds. We sometimes get so lost we forget the basics of life and interaction. If you speak to many writers they will say that they are alone. Some more than others who doesn’t interact. But although a writer may say they are alone or loner technically they are not truly alone.

Let me lay it out for you. You as a writer in writing your book will at some point find people who will be added to your circle. People in your life, editors, cover artist, web designer, proofreaders, authors, and so on. Writers will interact with some or all of these and even more. This is part of the community with no I or more fondly know as your tribe.

No matter how many you have in your circle it makes what you do not so lonely. When the people in your life get you are writing and give you time for it. That editor who edits your work and gets it or kicks your ass to do better until you get better. That cover artist that sees the vision you want for your cover. The web designer that brings your site to life to showcase your books. That proofreader that makes you shine.

And let me get to the authors. Yes I will say there are authors who are toxic and who you should steer away from. And yes it’s hard to know who they are and it is difficult to open up. There are many great authors who are out there. They are welcoming, share their insights and build each other up. If you haven’t experienced this you might think it’s a myth but I’m here to tell you it is not. There is loads of us out here. I say us because I am one of them. Well maybe it is obvious since I do this author newsletter and have a site just for authors. Just in case it is not I am one. So feel free to reach out to me. Email, social media, a mailed letter, and/or carrier pigeon. LOL. Any form of communication you have.

So back to the there is no I in Community. When you try to do this alone it is overwhelming. Ok even when you have a tribe it is but at least you have likeminded people to share it with. This is why I say there is no I in community. You are not alone in this journey you are on. There is a lot of people rooting for you even if you don’t realize it. So I’m gonna give you an example of people you don’t know rooting for you.

My big sister is a huge supporter of my writing. She’ll call and ask if I am writing and if I am and it isn’t something important she’ll go so I can write. She comes every summer for eight weeks and when she is here, she does the same thing. Then when she is here it’s one step further that when I am caught up and writing and I forget to eat, take a break to stretch my legs or any of those things she comes to prod me. Now you’re probably wondering how that is a story on someone rooting for you who you don’t know. Well my brother in law would also do those things and I appreciated that even when not able to do herself my big sister sent her hubby.

I mentioned this to her and she looked at me confused. Then said she hadn’t sent him. My brother in law was in room and I looked at him. All he said was my big sister was busy and he knew I was writing and I needed to be fed, get up, and so on. I was blown away. He’s been there as I spoke of my writing to my big sister and even commented with his thoughts but I never got the sense he really knew what I did or cared. Yet that statement made me know he did. I even said that and well he gave me a look like I was slow. LOL. So he although didn’t say it by his actions portrayed he cared about my writing. This got me to thinking of my nephew who did this too when he is here with me when his parents are or when they are visiting. I asked if they had told him to look out for me when I am writing. And both said they had not. Now that made me know he was doing it too. Again a non-verbal show of them supporting my writing.

That’s my story. The reason I share this is to show how although while I was writing alone in my house before my computer I wasn’t truly alone. Even if you don’t have family there is someone in your Community. Think of this and if you can’t think of anyone then remember there is no I in community. We all need a support system there.
One who can help when things are…well overwhelming. So go and find one. It can be one person even. Heck reach out to me and I’ll be part of your community.

When I don’t have my family near which is most of time since they live out of state and my nephew is in college I have my friends in real life. Or I can go online to the support system I have there.

Writing is a Solitary endeavor but as I started with there is no I in Community.

Now go out there and kick butt getting stuff done.

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Happy Writing!

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