Writer Reasons

Writer Reasons

Real Title: The Reasons Why You Write and no it shouldn’t be about becoming a millionaire.

By: Scribes Unleashed

No Expert or Guru Statement

It took me many years to come up with my Writer Reasons and I’m sharing my path to then with you that hopefully it can help you when there are moments for questioning things.

First a brief history of my writing. When I started ebook was so new and my focus was on NY ie traditional publishing. I did the whole agent thing, requests for book and so on but nothing seemed to get me that final contract. Yes it was frustrating, disappointing and all that but I was determined and nothing would stop me from writing.

You know when asked what tip an author would give to a newbie writer many say when you finish a book what is the best next step is to write another. That is very true. While my book was making rounds this is what I did. And in addition I was getting my website and so on thus building my author presence. I had no clue at the time what social media was. But I knew I wanted to site so I did that. And I wrote. Then discovered this wonderful thing called ebooks. Submitted, got accepted, book came out and whaoo I was a bestseller on that site, then I wrote another then repeat in the process. Then a stumbling block. Okay it was hit that made me question why I did this. Publisher became shady and evasive and I knew I had to decide.

Now this was my first time ever publishing with my first company ever I was with as an author. I had people who didn’t know me buy my books. And I know they did because I didn’t have thousands of friends so someone was buying my books. So I still newbie had to decide what to do. I made a hard choice and pulled my books. At the time I ended up talking with other authors who were having same issue and made friendships because of it. I’m still friends with some of them to today.

I went from published to unpublished overnight. It was a blow and I was lost. Then I remember while I sat there looking forlornly at my covers that I could no longer use and the books I had written I got this determination in me. And that was when I came up with my first Writer Reasons. Yeah at time I didn’t call it that. That came later.

I pulled out a notebook (love the feel of writing on paper) and wrote why I wrote and basically poured out my soul on that page. After I read it and that determination filled me again and I knew what I had to do. This one bad publishing experience was not going to stop me from writing. Being published isn’t why I write. I write because I have too. It’s in my head, body and soul. No one but me controls it. Not money. Not publishers. Not if a marketing or promo didn’t work. Not if readers buy it or not.

It’s all about the writing and me. So I read what I had written and I will admit I was surprised at much of it. I scraped myself raw with my truth of my WRITER REASONS.

I did say to keep short and so here is some more. After this I went looking for the next opportunity. And I found it with a bigger and better epublisher. They had a call for a wedding theme short reads. I called my newly discovered friend who was going through what I was and told her. Challenged her to do this too. Then I went and wrote that short and the words poured out of me. Then I cleaned it up and sent it. And then moved on to the next. I kept writing and when I got that email it was accepted I swear I was being punked and cried. Talked to this new friend and she was as she is now pragmatic. She told me why would they and who cared. Well I’m paraphrasing but you get gist of what she was saying. Who would know me or care to punk me? I hadn’t told anyone but her and 2 others I was submitting. Then I cried some more. And then I submitted my other two books that were without a home. Then wrote more as I waited. That was then accepted as was other that some were themes and others part of my first series I ever came up with. Ohh…titles of books.

Conquering Jazz by McKenna Jeffries – was the first book I ever wrote. And after many ups and downs it’s been rereleased a few months ago.

Rarities Incorporated the series is by Taige Crenshaw – was my first series I ever came up with. Golden Seduction, Rarities Incorporated, Book 1 rereleased on 3.27.18 after it too had many ups and downs.

And those books I had with the company that I went from published to unpublished are. (Some of these are current titles and series names and may not be same as the ones they were published under at the time.) These are all by Taige Crenshaw. And they have been rereleased.

Awaken (Immortal Series)

Veils Rising (Rarities Incorporated Series)

The books I had at that second publisher and others I got close together. They are in no specific order.

Seducing a God, Olympus Unleashed, Bk 1

God Style Temptation, Olympus Unleashed, Bk 2

Golden Seduction, Rarities Incorporated, Bk 1

Shadow Dance, Rarities Incorporated, Bk 2

Veils Rising, Rarities Incorporated, Bk 3

Awaken, Immortal, Bk 1

Onyx Moon Rising, Legend Cove, Bk 1

I give you the names of these for a reason. I went from none to 7 contracts within a short time and from previously 2 books out to seven out in a short time. In this business it can be up and down. And do you think it stops there. I did say I gave you the names for a reason. I was happy with getting a new place to publish then stuff happened and so on and ya da yada. I don’t discuss it and I couldn’t write in those series for years. Also did you notice that my first book written was not there. Eventually I got that published too. As for others listed above since I couldn’t publish in them with publisher having them I struggled again with my Writer Reasons. I save that notebook and pulled it out and read it again. Then I again wrote about my reasons. Laid it on the page with tears, rage and fear. Yes fear that I couldn’t do better than those series. After I read and again – I scraped myself raw with my truth of my WRITER REASONS.

And I again put my head down and wrote. Landed another publisher and had loads with them. Now fast forward to today (yes there are many more ups and downs but I did say brief. LOL. Yeah we passed brief I know but there is a reason). I have rights back for those firsts. And also will have rights back throughout this year and into next for more.

And those books I listed. I’m rereleasing them indie. Yep they have come home and I’m rereleasing them. Many this year and some into next. So glad too. These books are the base of my fortress that is my Writer Reasons.

I have over 100 books published across all my names (that goes up and down as I get rights back and publish new stuff) and with that has come many times I had to review and add to my Writer Reasons. Lately I’m in a better place so I take them out for more of a boost to my determination and what I am doing than adding to it.

I gave you my what was supposed to be brief history but wasn’t to show you that we as authors will face so much things but at the core when you have those Writer Reasons you will see the path to keep doing what you love. If you don’t love it and in it for just the easy money then well you are so in the wrong profession. This is no way easy. You are writing a book putting it out after getting it to the best you can. You are putting it in public for scrutiny. I think of it my walking naked in front of a bunch of strangers and I know they can see all my imperfections and they comment, snicker and some even admire and whistle at me. Yeah put that image in your head and tell me this is easy. Do you see the eyebrow I am lifting at you? Do you see my disbelief and pity that you don’t know better? Yeah that.

So when I have times when it is feeling hard and I am pushing a boulder uphill while everyone is pushing it downhill I go back to my Writer Reasons.

And now I have a worksheet for you. Didn’t think you’d get homework? LOL. Again I’m lifting the eyebrow and giving you that look. Yeah that one. So now worksheet. I have a Writer Reasons worksheet for you. These are questions that can get you started on writing out those Writer Reasons. Heck you might not need it and can sit down put pen to paper and write it out. But in case you do and nope use it so you can be scraped raw and not hold back. Come on this is therapeutic. Use this and come up with your Writer Reasons. Once done read them or leave a few days then come back and read them. Then keep it. If you want to get snazzy make a doc and pretty it up and frame or pin it somewhere you can see it when you write. When times are tough and you question the reasons you do this refer to it. And if needed add to it.

Also if you are so inclined you can send it to me to share it. I may get all nosy with you and want to chat but I promise I am friendly. Just don’t feed me after midnight (I hope some of you get the movie reference to Gremlins. If you don’t you should look it up and watch the movie. 🙂 )

Here is the Writer Reasons Worksheet

Also last time I forgot to say you can contact me at anytime if you want too. Again I’m I promise I am friendly…maybe. But I’m here for you. You can reach me through my site, reply to this or on facebook through the page. 🙂 Come and find me.

Make sure you get the Writer Reasons Worksheet and do it. Then do as I said put it up. Even share it.

Now go out there and kick butt getting stuff done.

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Happy Writing!

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