No Expert or Guru Here

No Expert or Guru Here

Real Title: Doing You or Be a Rebel and Define Your Success

By: Scribes Unleashed

Posting this so I can link to it in posts I do here or other places. Want to be clear what I am and am not. This is something in some form in the Ink Rhythms Newsletter and any groups I have. I might end up tweaking this statement as I go. 🙂

Last Updated October 15, 2018

First up my favorite things to say – I’m not an expert or a guru of any kind. What’s posted here, in Ink Rhythms  (free newsletter for authors), site or on the social media linked with Designer’s Edge Ink is my thoughts on things and what works for me. Any information shared you should adapt it according to what works for you. You’re the one in control of your path and career. Any information you gather should always work with what works for you.

No expert or guru here. And when I speak, it’s from one viewpoint of this industry from three perspectives based on the alter egos ( I have 3 of them). I’ll be sharing my thoughts on this – author or writer according to what you prefer to use – adventure. There are ups, down, triumphs and failures. At the end of the day now matter what happens it’s about a dreamer who went after what they wanted. It’s about a learner who is always finding something new. It’s about you and offering my advice, motivation and inspiration that can hopefully offer something in this journey we all are in together. And I will reiterate yes for a third time I’m no expert just someone who writes, dreams, learns and wants to share with you!

We are all here to learn together. Yes I will be sharing things I do and so on or have learned over the years but at the end of the day you are the Designer of your own path as an author.

Now that is out of the way here is a little more about Designer’s Edge Ink in general.

Why Designer’s Edge Ink?

Many wonder what is behind and why I named all this as Designer’s Edge Ink. I’m a creative and no matter what medium to me it is all about the design that you take from nothing to create something that you essentially put your soul, heart and everything into. Yes it can be a success or a failure but those are two words that mean very different things to the individual who uses it. More on that will be found as the group, site, newsletter and so on grows.

So as mentioned I am a creative. I use many mediums to create. This one is with words. Thus I call it Designer’s Edge Ink. Designer’s is for that creative in me. Edge is for the rebel, the learner, the researcher and the person who will keep going no matter how many times things don’t go my way. Ink is for the wordsmith with those words I write on that page that when it reaches completion I share with the world. It is tough and hard but this is what makes up Designer’s Edge Ink. All those pieces that make up that creative who is a dreamer, a goal digger, backlist lover, world builder, rhythm maker, rebel and so much more.

Designer’s Edge Ink is about each of you who also create and do all things and yes there is failure, frustrations and so on but there is success (big, small and in between) that keeps us going. So say it with me. I’m Designer’s (insert what that means to you). I’m Edge (insert what that means to you). I’m Ink (insert what that means to you).

Make it simple for now and as you grow those 3 parts might change and expand for you.

The site, newsletter and social media are an extension of each other. I’ll be posting sometimes similar or same things on the different places but in newsletter and facebook groups will dive in deeper and facebook groups will have feedback from me (and as I said above I’m no guru or expert so if that’s what you are expecting yeah that’s not me) and others in group.

More about Designer’s Edge Ink

And here is my warning. I’m blunt so I don’t do the woo woo and there there. I’ll be constructive in my feedback and make you think and it could be painful as you work toward things. You might curse me and storm away but hopefully you’ll get something out of it. I hope to motivate and spur those who want into action.

The focus Designer’s Edge Ink in my opinion isn’t about being a success that others are, but of a success that you are. I don’t want to make or be any (insert your idea of a successful author) or anyone like them. I want to be Taige Crenshaw, McKenna Jeffries, or Talia Carmichael (any of my alter names) and make that idea for me what is success. What is my definition of success is what drives me. Not anyone else.

I’m a rebel and I don’t look at things as others might. I put my spin on it and will challenge others to do the same. And yes some of the stuff I put here and other places will challenge you in ways that could make you uncomfortable but hopefully it will make you come out of that comfort zone and go further. Push yourself to do you.

We’ll also be working on your career blueprint. This is what I think of my career as a blueprint I created and keep adapting and changing as I need too.

When the information that I have here, on site and in some groups say Blueprint Lite version. Go here for what that means – Designer’s Edge Ink Blueprint ~ Lite. Also Designer’s Edge Ink – Reason –  for some more on what’s behind the site and so on.

I’ll also have a more in-depth Blueprint for the Designer’s Edge Ink Blueprint course. There is also Designer’s Edge Ink Blueprint ~ Coaching (1 on 1 coaching).

Welcome to Designer’s Edge Ink!

Until next time, have fun, keep writing and most importantly do you.

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Note: This or some version of this is cross-posted in various places.

Happy Writing!

Scribes Unleashed
(Taige, McKenna and Talia)
Learning , adventure and sharing

Note: When you see Scribes Unleashed listed as who wrote something that’s me. One person behind 3 alter egos. If you want to know more check any of my sites

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