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Wow! It’s been a long and busy day. And I could try to get all poignant and deep but I’m tired. So I leave you with this. Designer’s Edge Ink is a passion project of mine which I created. And the rest is straight from my site.

Designer’s Edge Ink aim is to be a resource that you can learn from, that’s informative, motivational, offer clarity and fun. Designer’s Edge Ink is geared towards authors – aspiring, in between and established- in this dynamic book industry. No matter what stage you are in your career I hope to offer something that you can take away that’s beneficial to you. I’m by no means an expert and when you read what I’m saying always think in aspect of it working for you. What works for you or someone else isn’t always the same. But there are takeaways you can take and maybe use and adapt to yourself. So again I’m no expert. I’m always learning since this industry changes so often that you have to be able to pivot and adapt as needed. I share stuff I’ve experienced and sometimes I might invite others to share too.

Cue back to me again. Did I mention I was tired? But it’s a good tired. One other job well done. This is just like when you put a book out and you get that content feeling that you completed something.

I’ll leave you with this one of the key things you hear from me a lot is – be you. Your definition of success is yours and no one else’s. Find your happiness and build your blueprint that is what you want.

Thanks so much for spending this time with me and I appreciate each and every one of you.

And don’t forget to check out all the places that you can find Designer’s Edge Ink. Too tired to write again so here is the link:

Tomorrow we go to what will be the posting I plan on doing. No it won’t be this much as today but till will be good. So come on by and keep coming.

Welcome to Designer’s Edge Ink!

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Happy Writing!

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