Designer’s Edge Ink ~ Launch Day and Invite

The day is here and it’s with great excitement, nervousness, and so much joy that I want to say to you

Welcome to Designer’s Edge Ink!

Yay! This passion project of mine is finally fully live. It’s taken a lot of time, planning and late nights. With my thoughts so filled with this I have been unable to sleep as the ideas come to me just as my characters do. LOL. You know what I mean those pesky characters who don’t know that it’s way too early or way too late to be filling your mind with this story. Yet they still come to you at all hours, at any time, and you must fulfill this story.
This is what Designer’s Edge Ink is to me. An open ended story that keeps growing, changing, and keeps me up at night. But this I do because I love it. Just as my love affair with writing this is very similar.

There’s so much plan today and I hope you will stay around and have a good time with us. There will be a lot of post today that will hopefully motivate, inspire, and make you think. It may make you think I’m a little weird but I like to call it eccentric. LOL

I do tend to get wordy so expect tons to read. I’m also having a celebration at the community I started a while ago Designer’s Edge Ink closed Facebook group will be in there chatting and maybe I have a few party favors I might be giving out. Just things that might be useful for authors. Just to let you know I do tend to like to give homework. LOL. I really need to come up with another word for that because when people hear it they tend to think of something they do that they don’t like. However this sort of homework is to benefit your author career.

I’m so very excited and glad that you have come to join me today. And for those who know me yes I am doing a dance. A really really rowdy dance. It might not be too pretty but I’m having a blast shaking well something. LOL. And once again I want to say.

Welcome to Designer’s Edge Ink!

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Happy Writing!

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