Author Boss – Part 1

Author Boss – Part 1

Real Title: Wait…what…I didn’t know that I’d need to be Boss when deciding to do this writer thing.

By: Scribes Unleashed

No Expert or Guru Statement

This will be a multi-part series that will give you food for thought and sometimes actionable steps about being Author Boss (will post here but more in depth over time in facebook group). There is a process to Author Boss that I used for myself so be patient see it through. This 1st part will also posted to Designer’s Edge Ink facebook group and it will eventually be on site when it is live. smile The rest of Author Boss parts for now will be posted to facebook group only at least for now. I may post other places in future. Don’t know yet.

For those of you who have not thought of it yet that you are the boss. I can imagine the panic setting in. First breathe. It’ll be ok. You got this.
Now ready for it. You’re the Author Boss. Yep you are. Technically you’re a company of one. But wait…I have cover designer, editor, proofer and etc who work for me. Yes they work for you on a limited basis. They are independent contractors so technically you’re not their boss. They provide you a service and you pay them. Ie they are an independent contractor. Not sure what that means go here or search the internet for it. There is information. Now we have that straight. Let’s get back to you being an Author Boss.

Now, now no need to panic again for those of you who are. And for those of you who aren’t go you with your bad self. So again saying it so you can get it. You are an Author Boss.

What does that mean exactly?

Means that you are in charge of your own path and where this author thing goes.

Yeah I got a chill too. It is frightening and exhilarating all at once. You control what happens with your Author business. And wait for it. The business is not just the one arm of things. IE the whole buy, buy which ties into what you feel is your worth as an author.

In the Goal Digger Part 1 newsletter, I touched on setting goals and using the darts as a guide. Author Boss ties into that.

Just like any business, you have various departments that make up the whole company. In this case, you are both the Author Boss and man the other parts of it all. So you’re in control.

But…what do you do as an Author Boss? Some of you are probably saying – I just wanted to write books. I hate all the other stuff.

I hear you but if you are indie or even if you go with a traditional publisher or epublisher you would still in a form be Author Boss. For the two traditional or epublishers you are not an employee you are an independent contractor. So in a form you are an Author Boss. You control stuff.

The being in charge of stuff is hard and overwhelming. So to deal with it I’ll tell you what I do.

Goal Digger baby. Yep the goal digger as I mentioned ties into Author Boss and the Author Boss ties into Goal Digger. They have a symbiotic relationship. That Gold Dart you set up for the Goal Digger is what your Author Boss is all about. And from there the rest of the darts (goals) trickle down from that. All those darts of various colors feed into that Gold Dart and it into them. It’s one big ole symbiotic blend.

Let’s get back to Author Boss. As the boss of your own journey, you need to set things you want to accomplish. This is setting what is your meaning of success. When I say success, I’m talking about two paths. These are the parts of your author business. This is broken into 2 parts of that business.

Part 1

Production/Creative – this is what drives you to do as you do. Write. This is creating that book that burns your soul and you have to write.

Part 2

Business/Strategic Planning –this is the part that is the business aspect. Gaining exposure and visibility of your books.

Notice I separated the two. There is a reason. At least in my case. And as I mentioned before this is what works for me.

I separate these because linking the creative to the business will stop my creative flow. We are creators and like that we thrive when we don’t think of the other part the same time we are trying to create. At least that is for me what works. In my opinion when you tie the creative in with the business (and yes this includes the financial aspects of this business) it kills that creative spark.

All of a sudden, the doubts of your worth as an author creeps in. Here is an example of what can occur when you do that. (tie the two parts together)

~ OMG no one is buying my book I must suck as a writer. I will never write another word.

~ F’k I have no or little reviews. I need to get more and forgo writing until I do.

~ Why can’t I be like (insert author who you view as success)

You see how all of these messes with your creative. And all are part of the business part of being an Author Boss. Well the negative part anyway.

So let’s vow right now to separate the two. If you will when you are in Creative Mode call it the Author Boss Creative. And when in Business Mode call it the Author Boss Business. Yeah not witty but you get the idea.

But what good will that do. It’s all part of it and separating means diddly squat.

Wrong! Let’s get blunt.

How many times do you check your dashboards for sales in a day?

How many times do you check your reviews?

How many times do you refresh that?

How many times you go to social media and see someone celebrating a success and are eaten by jealousy?

How many times when any one or maybe multiple things above happens and you don’t create (write) that day?

Hmmm…makes you think doesn’t it.

Let me answer each of those questions. In order the replies are.

1 to 2 times a day and sometimes I don’t even check at all. I forget about it as I am caught up writing.

Ummm…reviews what is that? Ok kidding. Maybe once a month if that. Yes I know many say they are important to get noticed and other things but not if it becomes an obsessive thing you link to your worth as an author.

Don’t do it. I have writing to do.

Never. I want to be (insert any of my alter egos names here) and no one else. I have my own definition of success.

Doesn’t happen since none of this affects me. If I don’t write it is a choice and or something else happened that is not tied into the business aspect of being an Author Boss. IE real life things like family, a break and so on.

And I will tell you even when thinking of business part of this I don’t let the negative in. Yeah I’m sure you are thinking I am full of crap and a liar. If you knew me better, you’ll realize I can lie really well. But tend not to since I am blunt and I don’t mind saying when I do or don’t do something.

I’ll tell you a brief story. Well brief for me anyway.

I attend conferences and I remember at conferences I attended I was hanging out with author friends I made online. And I thought of them as just my friends and didn’t care who they were or how others saw them as. But I recall getting these looks from other authors as well as readers then wondered what that was about. I had no clue until another author approached me and said they loved so and so and could I tell them something for them. I was baffled and said you can say it yourself but they said no they couldn’t to pass on message. I agreed and they thanked me and walked away. I was still baffled and it took my friend who is not an author to explain it to me. She said that the author saw that person as someone they wanted to be and couldn’t approach them. And yes I still didn’t get it. I told my friend we were all people too….writers. My friend looked at me and smiled and yeah I knew that smile. The one as if I had said something so smart but again I had no clue what it was. So she filled me in. She said the way I view things is not like anyone else which is why people are drawn to me.

Yeah I scoffed at her for that one and called it a load of crap. And went about my way. But I made it my mission that the next time I was with the author the other author wanted me to give message too I would introduce them. And I did. Then they had a lovely chat. The author and one that didn’t want to approach appreciated the conversation. When the author left the other, one thanked me to introducing her to one of her idols. I told her next time just talk to the person you want to they are people to. Just be polite and real and so on. Ok. I have idols too but I sure as heck will talk to them (well I’m an introvert so maybe not but my reason is not that I am afraid to talk to them just I sometimes need to go all introvert).

Later the other author (the supposed bigger named and known one) thanked me too. And I admitted I had no idea why it was such a big deal and told her so. Did I mention I was blunt. The author laughed and hugged me. They loved that I saw them as a person and not some name that many were afraid to speak to or treated as well…not a person but a figurehead. Yeah I get that a lot – the hugs and so on. I don’t care where someone is in their career we are all in this together.

Hell I’ve had author at conferences while they were having a drink or just chatting call me over and introduce me to their agents. They knew I would be professional and not try to pitch them something. Although I would admit when I met some of them, I blinked a minute and was surprised. Again, when I told my friend and why would they do that. She again had to explain it to me. IE the whole professional thing and I was real and not thinking of what could get me ahead. Yeah I don’t have energy or time for that. And then she blew my mind. She said I didn’t need too since I was who I was and people gravitated toward that. I’ve had agents, author and so on approach me after just having heard of me to just meet me. Yeah I didn’t get that too. And yeah you know my friend explained it to me. Yeah she comes with me to many of the conferences. And by the way I still don’t get why they wanted to meet me. I don’t think I ever will. LOL.

Now you know that was my brief story. Well my version of it. I’ve done longer. LOL.

What does all this have to do with Author Boss?

Everything. You want to be an Author Boss who sets their own path to success. And this also has a symbiotic relationship with your brand (I’ll post something in the newsletter about it as one of topics but go more in depth in the facebook group and post more there). Stop thinking of everyone else and how they are doing it and do you. Hell what I said above might not be you and you will be in corner afraid to talk to someone who is your idol. But think of this instead next time. Shift your mind into Author Boss and just have a conversation with the person. No selling yourself as an author. Many of us are readers first and have books we love go with that. Be real. That is the best thing ever.

Author Boss is all about you. Running your creative and business side of your author business. Building who you are as a brand (will post here as a topic about this too but again more in depth in facebook group). And I’ll give you a brand tip – brand isn’t about just the visual you, you present it is about who you are and present to others. You are the face to your brand. And you can build it and then if not careful blow it up in an instant.

I’ll leave you with that food for thought.

Be that Author Boss and claim it. Build those goals of what you want to be Author Boss too. Work toward it.

Now go out there and be that Author Boss.

Now go out there and kick butt getting stuff done.

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Happy Writing!

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