Designer’s Edge Ink ~ Launch Date

Are you ready for Designer’s Edge Ink?

Yes the time is almost here. In 5 days the Designer’s Edge Ink is launching officially on August 13, 2018. And if you know me….yes that is my birthday.

I kept trying to figure out a date then I was like well it’s my birthday on August 13 so lets go with that. So there you go. I’m launching this passion project of mine. You all are the first to know the launch date. Will be announcing it all over today.

I’ve put so much work into it and I’m excited about it. The 1st blog post will post to site that day. I feel the anticipation in the air. The post will be the same as the welcome message when someone joins Ink Rhythms newsletter. I’m excited about opening the site.

In addition the Designer’s Edge Ink ~ Facebook Page will have tons posted that day too.

And wait there is more.

In the Designer’s Edge Ink facebook group ~ Designer’s Edge Ink facebook group I’ll be having a party. Will be hanging around all those place that day. Come on and party with me. There will also be posts to all the social media that Designer’s Edge Ink has. I just joined Instagram. LOL.

Here are the social media places Designer’s Edge Ink is on come and join us, follow, like or whatever else on those places:

Connect with Designer’s Edge Ink on:

Designer’s Edge Ink ~ Facebook Page

Designer’s Edge Ink facebook group


Be sure to come on by the Designer’s Edge Ink launch on August 13, 2018 to celebrate. And join us on the social media places I mentioned. Hopefully you’ll keep coming by as I post to all those places often each week.

There will be another announcement sooon. Another passion project. 😉 Yeah there is more.

Doing a count down on facebook so come check it out. Posting what is coming to site.

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