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Welcome to Designer’s Edge Ink

Designer’s Edge Ink is all about offering advice, motivation and inspiration for authors – aspiring, in between and established. No matter what stage you are in your career I hope to offer something that you can take away that’s beneficial to you. I’m by no means an expert and when you read what I’m saying always think in aspect of it working for you. What works for you or someone else isn’t always the same. But there are takeaways you can take and maybe use and adapt to yourself. So again I’m no expert. I’m always learning since this industry changes so often that you have to be able to pivot and adapt as needed. I share stuff I’ve experienced and sometimes I might invite others to share too. I’ve had tips, articles, workshops, groups, sharing and all these sort of things for authors in various forms for years but stopped a few years ago but now I’m bringing it back. With that I’m bringing it all into one place.

Designer’s Edge Ink is operated by what I like to call Scribes Unleashed – USA Bestselling Author Taige Crenshaw, USA Bestselling Author McKenna Jeffries and Talia Carmichael – multiple alter egos who is all one person who loves the written word. One viewpoint of this industry from three perspectives based on the alter egos. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on this – author or writer according to what you prefer to use – adventure. There are ups, down, triumphs and failures. At the end of the day now matter what happens it’s about a dreamer who went after what they wanted. It’s about a learner who is always finding something new. It’s about you and offering my advice, motivation and inspiration that can hopefully offer something in this journey we all are in together. And I will reiterate yes for a third time I’m no expert just someone who writes, dreams, learns and wants to share with you!

Welcome to Designer’s Edge Ink!

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Coming Soon

Posts will start soon. They will be from my various sites as I’m bringing them to one place. Will also be new content. Check back for those.

For now sign up will for Designer’s Edge Ink author newsletter – The Designer’s Edge Ink author newsletterInk Rhythms. Sign up for the free author newsletter Ink Rhythms author newsletter delivered to your inbox. First edition will be sent February 28, 2018. Sign up so you can get it.



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